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Email Marketing

You’ve undoubtedly discussed the demise of email marketing with coworkers a lot. And it’s accurate in a lot of ways. Email, a mainstay of the early internet, has mostly been replaced by social media platforms for both personal and professional use.

That so, it doesn’t diminish its effectiveness as a tool for communication. In fact, 56% of adults check their emails as soon as they log on, and 80% of adults say they regularly review their emails.

That means you risk missing out on a sizable potential market if you don’t have an email marketing strategy.

We’ve looked at the reasons why ecommerce companies need email marketing strategies.

Table of Content

  • Sending out seasonal campaigns
  • Make customised emails
  • Speak with former clients
  •  Email marketing is affordable and simple
  • Easily measurable
  • Simple to share

Sending out seasonal campaigns

One of the most effective ways to distribute seasonal advertising is through email marketing. You must let your customers know about a Summer discount or that you have updated your collection with brand-new, one-of-a-kind items.

Email is one of the best methods to achieve that since, unlike SMS and many social media sites, you have infinite space for your prose, graphics, and links.

Your emails will be even more effective during times when people anticipate a sale because they are more receptive to offers. 20% of holiday season traffic to ecommerce websites come from email.

Make customised emails

One of the three most popular ways to communicate with customers is through email. Additionally, there are social media posts and SMS messages.

The ability for customised content is one advantage email marketing has over SMS and social media, though.

It’s challenging to customise social media updates because they are broadcast to your whole audience. Additionally, while SMS can be used to send targeted messages, creative texting is not possible.

Email gets around these problems. Utilising data, you may provide tailored offers and imaginative material to particular customers based on their purchasing preferences.

Furthermore, it’s a potent tactic given that 50% of businesses claim that customised emails enhance consumer engagement.

Speak with former clients

One of the most effective ways to contact customers who have already done business with you and are interested in hearing from you is through email marketing.

Consider the last time you made an online purchase: were you prompted to opt-in to receiving marketing emails? Your consumers must affirm they are happy to hear from you due to GDPR requirements. But there is a big advantage to that. It implies that those who sign up for your emails do so because they are interested in your content and your offers.

It’s not surprising that 80% of retail industry experts concur that email is their top route for retaining customers. After they make their first purchase and as they continue to buy, customers need to be reminded of your services, and the more they shop with you, the more devoted they’ll become.


Email marketing is affordable and simple

In a company, there is a budget for each department. And it’s crucial to get the most results possible out of that budget.

Email marketing is one of the best ways for marketing teams to maximise their budgets. An email marketing firm typically charges between $300 and $500 each month. That implies that after a few sales, you’ll quickly recoup your investment.

But they aren’t just inexpensive. One of the simplest channels to set up is email marketing; anyone can learn the fundamentals of creating and automating an email.

Of course, the substance of your emails holds the key. You’ll still need to come up with a smart plan of action.

Easily measurable

Information is power for marketers. The same is true for any other channel as it is for email marketing,but one of email’s biggest advantages is how simple it is to extract useful information and statistics from it.

Clickthrough rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, open rates, and unsubscribe rates are just a few of the things you can track.

By taking a look at these analytics, you can easily and rapidly change your plan to make sure you’re converting as many prospects as you can.

Simple  to share

We’ve already discussed how inexpensive email marketing is. However, you don’t only earn your money’s worth when your emails reach their target recipients. Additionally, there’s a chance that a chain will introduce new customers to your company.

Let’s imagine your favourite candle shop has extended you a wonderful offer, and you have a few pals you know might be interested in it. Emails, in contrast to messages, are very simple to share—you just need to click the send button!

While social media information is often simple to share, emails are frequently more individualised and can provide tailored offers that may interest your customers’ friends as well.

Actually, 95% of opened commercial emails are forwarded to one or more recipients. As a result, you essentially receive a free army of marketers in the form of your clients.

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