How Can Influencer Marketing Expand Your E-Commerce Business?

Influencer Marketing Grow Ecommerce

Online society has been completely overtaken by social media. In April 2023, 4.8 billion individuals, or 59.9% of the world’s population, would be utilising social media, according to Kepios’ most recent digital research. Additionally, these social media users log on for 2.5 hours every day on average. Social media influencer marketing was created as a result of this ongoing trend and is now a key component of e-commerce marketing strategies.

Statista data revealed that since 2019, the size of the global influencer marketing industry has doubled. In 2022, the industry had a 16.4 billion dollar revenue.

At this time, social media influencers are an integral part of many online retailers’ primary strategies for increasing traffic, revenues, and brand exposure. What is social media influencer marketing exactly, and how can it be included into your eCommerce marketing plan? Read this post to learn the solution.0 

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  • What is Influencer Marketing on Social Media?
  • Why is Influencer Marketing Important for your ecommerce Business?
  • How Do I Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy That Works For An Ecommerce Business?
  • Have no idea where to begin? Collaborate With The Top Social Media Influencer Marketing Agency

What Is Influencer Marketing on Social Media?

You may already be familiar with the concept of social media influencers. But first, let’s define an influencer so that everyone is on the same page.

In a word, influencers are those who have an impact on how others behave. They frequently have substantial social media fan bases and are both brand and niche promoters. Influencers are people who collaborate with brands to market goods or services to their target customers, according to marketers.

Influencer marketing is the term used to describe the practise of collaborating with a social media influencer to expand a brand. It is a tactic used in social media marketing to connect with influencers’ audiences, boost exposure, and boost sales. Influencers receive payment for recommending or pushing a product to their followers, who then purchase it from the brand.

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Why Is Influencer Marketing Important For Your Ecommerce Business?

A top marketing trend in 2022, influencer marketing has been growing in popularity for years. In fact, since 2016, searches for the term “influencer marketing” on Google alone have increased by 465%.

Why then is influencer marketing so well-liked by advertisers? This has a wide range of responses. One change is that consumers are changing their purchasing habits, which are now changing on social media. According to an Accenture report, the worldwide social commerce market is anticipated to rise to $1.2 trillion by 2025, growing at a rate three times faster than traditional ecommerce.

Building trust in your goods through social media influencer marketing is a successful eCommerce marketing strategy. Modern consumers are independent and prefer to learn about a company on their own and from reliable sources. Because their devoted fans and followers already trust them, influencers may easily persuade potential new clients. Then, e-commerce companies can profit from this devotion.

Influencers on social media give your digital brand a human touch. This is significant since e-commerce companies operate solely online. In Instagram advertising, they don’t just recommend products; they also get themselves in the photo.

A significantly more affordable technique for eCommerce marketing is influence marketing. Depending on the size of the influencers’ audiences and their areas of expertise, the costs change. According to a report by Mediakix, 41% of advertisers have cut costs by including content creators in their business growth strategy.

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How Do I Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy That Works For An Ecommerce Business?

In today’s technologically advanced world, social media marketing for e-commerce is still developing. You can stay ahead of this constantly evolving competition by collaborating with social media influencers. Here are some suggestions on how to use social media influencer marketing to grow your eCommerce business.

1. Recognise Your Market as a Target

You need to be crystal clear on who your brand is trying to reach before you start your Facebook marketing plan, Instagram ads, or other social media initiatives. Consider the subjects, blogs, and videos that people could find interesting by putting yourself in their position.

To learn more about your customers, you can survey them. Consider looking at the internet content they enjoy and paying attention to what they have to say on social media. You may use this information to adjust your social media influencer marketing efforts to the demands of your target audience.

2. Establishing Your Campaign Budget

The financial aspect of any marketing plan is crucial. The reach of the entire campaign is immediately impacted on social media marketing for eCommerce. Influencers typically base their cost on a variety of factors, including the number of followers they have, current market rates, and more.

Choosing to collaborate with an influencer who has a sizable following might potentially cost you millions. Similarly, if you’re on a tight budget, micro-influencers can be a good choice for you.

3. Choose the correct media channel

Social networking is now a vital tool for all types of businesses to expand their reach and boost sales, not only eCommerce enterprises. For instance, marketing on TikTok has been around for a long. No advertiser can overlook this social media reach with billion active users worldwide in 2021. However, Statista reports that women make up the bulk of TikTok users, making up 57% of the platform’s active users. Working with TikTok influencers may be a good idea if you want to engage with female audiences.

Facebook marketing continues to dominate eCommerce marketing strategies as TikTok marketing’s popularity continues to surge. With 2.93 billion users, the platform is still king of social media.

Facebook marketing continues to dominate eCommerce marketing strategies as TikTok marketing’s popularity continues to surge. With 2.93 billion active users, the platform continues to rule as the monarch of social media. It is also one of the apps that consumers spend the most time using.


Instagram has grown to be a significant social media channel for eCommerce marketing with 2 billion monthly users. The Collabs feature, which enables influencers to collaborate on content and subsequently utilise a larger shared audience, was also highly anticipated by marketers. Nearly 80% of the firms that utilise influencer marketing utilised Instagram, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub’s benchmark study for 2022.

4. Collaborate with the right social media influencer

Find influencers who will work well with your brand. Partnering with Macro or Mega influencers, who have millions of followers, may be advantageous for larger brands. Working with micro-influencers, who have smaller but more focused audiences, may be the best option for tiny brands.

When selecting an influencer to promote your brand, take into account factors such as your goals and your target market in addition to social media reach. Now, making a connection with an influencer is not simple. However, keep in mind that you also have the option of working with a social media influencer marketing firm. These companies typically have a network of influencers who may advertise your company on various media.

5. Calculate Your ROI

Regardless of the plan or content you have launched, you should always measure your return on investment. Knowing if your campaign and influencers are successful is crucial, especially in influencer marketing. 

Keep track of the impressions and interaction with your influencer content. Even if the information may have reached thousands of individuals, the campaign’s success may be measured by the number of likes and comments. It’s a good thing that most social media networks make it simple to get data analytics. 

You can adjust the focus of your eCommerce marketing approach by tracking the ROI of each campaign. For instance, you are aware when to switch the platform, influencer, or approach if your campaign in a particular channel isn’t producing the desired results. 

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Brands are increasingly using social media as a platform to connect with their consumers on a deeper level. Future brand-influencer partnerships need to be more varied, as we anticipate. To withstand the fierce competition, you as an eCommerce company must stay up with this trend.
Whatever your situation, the time is now to create your own influencer marketing plan. Do you want to increase sales or the number of followers you have on social media? We’re here to assist you at Be Global E-commerce Corporation. Regardless of size or type, we are experts at boosting eCommerce businesses. We can assist in promoting your goods by using our network of influencers.

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