What Version Is Best for Your Business Between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus vs. Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that gives business owners the ability to build and operate online stores. It has developed over time to include more sophisticated features and capacities, giving rise to Shopify Plus. A more potent and adaptable version of Shopify, called Shopify Plus, is made for enterprise-level firms with sophisticated requirements.

It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between Shopify and Shopify Plus if you’re thinking about using one as your e-commerce platform because each edition has its own features and functionalities.

In this post, we’ll contrast Shopify with Shopify Plus in 2023 and point out their main differences to make it easier for you to decide which one is best for your company.

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  • How can I switch to Shopify Plus?
  • Which Version Suits You Best?
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Comparing Shopify with Shopify Plus:

Key Differences

Shopify and Shopify Plus are two of the most common options when choosing an e-commerce platform. But what distinguishes them specifically? We’ll examine the distinctions between these two systems in this post and assist you in selecting the one that is most appropriate for your company’s needs.

Describe Shopify Plus.

An enterprise-level e-commerce platform called Shopify Plus is built for big companies and high-volume sellers. It provides a variety of cutting-edge features that address certain needs, including those of training organisations and sizable internet retailers.

Who Can Use Shopify Plus?

Businesses that bring in more than $60,000 per month or $1 million annually are best suited for Shopify Plus. Additionally, firms who need features that go beyond those offered by the Basic subscription should think about Shopify Plus.

Who Must Select Shopify Plus?

Businesses that generate over $60,000 per month or $1 million in yearly revenue are the ideal candidates for Shopify Plus. It’s also perfect for companies who need more sophisticated capabilities, such tailored automation, bulk purchasing, and thorough integrations with external programmes.

Keep in mind that Shopify Plus is a premium offering with a larger price tag than Shopify. The monthly cost of Shopify Plus starts at $2,000, and it may go up from there based on the demands of your company and the required degree of support.

Comparing Shopify and Shopify Plus’s features

Take a short glance at the comparison table to get a better understanding of the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus.


 Feature                                                   Shopify                                        Shopify Plus

Hosting                                                  ✅                                              ✅

Employee Account                                 2                                             Unlimited

Bandwidth                                         Unlimited                                   Unlimited

Products                                            Unlimited                                    Unlimited

Sales Route                                         10                                               Unlimited

Wholesale Channel                      Additional expense                             ✅

Customizable Checkout                    Limited                                       Fully Modifiable               

Coupon Codes                                    Basic                                             Advanced

The Shopify script                                ❌                                                        

APIs                                                       Limited                                          Complete Access

24/7 Supporting Priorities                   ❌                                                       

the launch engineer                             ❌                                                        

Devoted Account Management          ❌                                                        


While Shopify is a great option for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shopify Plus provides more sophisticated features and specialised assistance than larger companies need. In the end, the decision between the two will be based on the size and particular requirements of your company.


Let’s take a closer look at each of the features.


Features of Shopify Plus

Shopify offers a number of crucial services to help you start, run, and grow your online store. The platform enables you to set up a point-of-sale (POS) system, an online store, and to personalise the consumer experience throughout the purchasing process. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, goes a step further by offering extra functionality to manage demanding and intricate enterprises. Here are some of Shopify Plus’s salient characteristics.:

✔️ Admin of Shopify Organisation

With Shopify Plus, you can manage many stores from a single dashboard, whether they are multi-lingual, multi-currency, or selling different products. Shopify Flow for automating workflows, Users for controlling user rights, and Stores for controlling numerous storefronts from a single admin panel are all included in this functionality.

✔️ Resources and Apps with a Focus

Access to cutting-edge Shopify and Shopify Plus partner apps, created to support high-growth merchants run their stores to a high standard, is provided by Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus merchants get access to resources like a launchpad, a script editor, a wholesale channel, and interfaces with Avalara AvaTax services. Additionally, you may use this plan’s additional API calls (REST API and GraphQL) to link with bespoke apps, provide gift cards and individualised offers to your customers during the Christmas season.

✔️ Customizable Checkout

Checkout.liquid, a checkout page style that offers a customisable checkout page, is available to Shopify Plus users. This feature gives you more control over the checkout process and enhances the customer experience by allowing you to customise the checkout page to reflect the look and feel of your business.

✔️ Launch Team Assistance

Shopify Plus businesses can launch their online store rapidly with the help of the launch support team. The team will work with you to set up your Shopify account and relocate your online store there using migration tools. Additionally, it aids in the development of a plan, unique integrations, and solutions that satisfy your company’s needs. To ensure you get the most out of the Shopify Plus plan and continue expanding your online store, the Merchant Success Programme also provides a merchant success manager to assist you with the continuing strategy for your e-commerce business.

✔️ Never-ending Staff

Shopify Plus has no restrictions on the number of staff accounts, in contrast to Shopify Basic or Advanced, allowing you to expand your crew without any restrictions.

✔️ Permissions

Owners of Shopify Plus stores have more control over the actions of team members and what each one is permitted to accomplish thanks to extra authorization options. These rights protect your online business from unlicensed and unskilled employees by allowing access to particular apps and separate professional report exports.

✔️ Expansion Shops 

Up to nine online stores can be supported by Shopify Plus, making it simpler for you to run your global business or various e-commerce websites. By switching from your ordinary Shopify account to Shopify Plus, you can manage all of these stores from a single admin panel.

✔️ Programme for Shopify Plus Partners

The Shopify Plus Partner Programme offers you access to the Shopify Plus Academy for self-guided training on important subjects relevant to business growth and improvements, as well as technical expertise and answers to some of the problems your firm is facing.

✔️ Themes

You may add up to 100 Shopify themes to your account with Shopify Plus, giving you the ability to test changes you want to make to the theme of your online store without erasing the current design.

✔️ Pro Shopify POS

For no additional cost, Shopify Plus gives all of your store locations access to the POS Pro. This tool syncs your e-commerce marketplace to your brick-and-mortar businesses, enabling your consumers to pay with debit and credit cards in your store conveniently.

Cost of Shopify Plus: What Does It Cost?

The fact that Shopify Plus is substantially more expensive than the entry-level and advanced Shopify plans is well known. However, Shopify Plus pricing varies depending on a company’s needs and is typically negotiated with Shopify’s sales staff. Businesses should budget at least $2,000 per month for setup and integrations.

Due to the expanded offering and array of additional features that come with it, Shopify Plus is more expensive.

The fact that Shopify Plus has cheaper transaction fees when using third-party payment processors is one of its advantages. To address additional security needs, the plan simply levies a transaction fee of 0.15%. The transaction costs for other Shopify programmes, in contrast, range from 0.5% to 5%.

Additionally, unlike basic or advanced Shopify accounts, which only permit one online store, the cost of Shopify Plus includes the primary online store as well as up to nine additional Shopify stores. For each online store, businesses would have to purchase a new account, which would prove to be more expensive in the long run than Shopify Plus.

In light of this, why should businesses utilise Shopify Plus despite the increased price?

Shopify Plus’s advantages

Shopify Plus may have piqued your interest if you’re a business owner seeking for an ecommerce platform. But the real question is: Is it worth the money? In this post, we’ll examine Shopify Plus’s advantages and assist you in determining whether it’s the best option for your company.

Let’s start by discussing Shopify Plus’s advantages. The dedicated account manager Plus merchants get is one of the biggest benefits. You will have a direct line of communication with Shopify’s customer service staff, who can help you with any problems or inquiries you might have.

The degree of control you have over the checkout process is another advantage. You can modify the checkout process using Shopify Plus to meet the particular requirements of your company. For businesses with complex or unusual checkout requirements, this is extremely helpful.

Additionally, Shopify Plus includes limitless staff accounts, allowing you to manage your online store with as many team members as you need. Additionally, Shopify Plus enables you to manage all of your online stores from a one spot if you operate several.

You can increase the functionality of your online store by using the exclusive third-party apps and API integrations that are only available to merchants. Additionally, you may monitor the success of your store and make data-driven decisions to enhance your business.

The crucial query at this point is: Is Shopify Plus worthwhile?

Shopify Plus: Is It Worth It?

It depends on the requirements of your company, is the answer. Shopify Plus could be the best option for you if your company is enterprise-level, you have many online stores, you need a certain degree of functionality, or you demand high-level security and support.

The normal Shopify plans are a better fit if you’re a startup, small business, or medium-sized enterprise with a single e-commerce website, though. You may get all the functionality you require at a lower cost with Shopify Basic and Shopify.

To sum up, Shopify Plus is a fantastic option for organisations with certain demands and objectives. However, the basic Shopify plans are a superior investment for the majority of SMBs. Decide according to what makes the most sense for you after taking your company’s demands into account.

If you choose to upgrade to Shopify Plus, the procedure is simple. If you get in touch with the Shopify staff, they’ll help you sign up for the Plus plan.

How can I switch to Shopify Plus?

There are a few things you should be aware of if you’re interested in upgrading your e-commerce site to Shopify Plus. First, if you haven’t done so already, you can create a Shopify Plus account by going to the registration page and completing the required form. The Shopify team will then get in touch with you.

It’s much easier if you already have a Shopify account. The actions you need to take are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Choose Plan from the menu.
  3. To access the Plan Details section, scroll down.
  4. Select “Change Plan” from the menu.
  5. Select the billing period you prefer, and carefully review the charge agreement.
  6. Select “Start Plan” from the menu.


    That’s all, then! But becoming a Shopify Plus subscriber is just the beginning. To fully utilise the platform, you’ll need to make a number of changes to your e-commerce store. To broaden your reach, you might need to integrate across platforms and sales channels, customise your checkout, and enter new markets.

    Thankfully, Shopify Plus offers a group of knowledgeable engineers who are committed to creating top-notch ecommerce websites. Additionally, they provide round-the-clock assistance so you can make all the necessary adjustments, open your online business, and maintain your ongoing plan.

    In the end, switching to Shopify Plus might have a lot of advantages for your online store.   

Which Version Suits You Best?

The requirements of your business will ultimately determine whether you choose Shopify or Shopify Plus. Shopify is probably the best choice for you if you run a small or mid-sized business with a tight budget and little customer traffic. To assist you in managing an online business, Shopify provides an easy-to-use interface, reasonable pricing, and necessary


On the other hand, Shopify Plus can be a better choice for you if you run an enterprise-level firm with sophisticated needs. Shopify Plus is a good alternative for companies that require high-level support and advanced features since it provides comprehensive customization possibilities, scalable infrastructure, and round-the-clock assistance. To decide whether Shopify Plus is the best option for your company, you must balance the cost of the service with the advantages it offers.



To sum up, Shopify and Shopify Plus are both strong e-commerce platforms that may assist you in managing a prosperous online store. The two are fundamentally different from one another in terms of price, scalability, customization, support, and features. The best option for you will depend on your business demands, financial situation, and long-term objectives.

A well-liked e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses is Shopify. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re just getting started, don’t need many sophisticated features, or have low sales volume.

For major companies and growth merchants, however, there is Shopify Plus, a fully-hosted corporate ecommerce platform. For companies dealing with significant sales, this platform delivers an additional set of cutting-edge features and services.


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