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You might already be aware of Klaviyo’s email marketing capabilities. It’s possible that this is the reason you linked Klaviyo to your Shopify store.

Approximately 319.6 billion emails were sent and received in 2021. If you include it in addition to the beneficial return on investment that email marketing offers, your picture will be clearer. On your Shopify store, you cannot, however, keep track of and send messages to hundreds of email contacts.

With its automated email and SMS functionalities, Klaviyo elevates email marketing. Each new subscriber that joins your list can be contacted with a message from a fresh campaign that you can rapidly design. Here are some ways that Klaviyo can assist your Shopify company:

Based on engagement, send out automated emails. You can design several messages for various degrees of involvement. After reading your Shopify analytics, Klaviyo will transmit graphics based on those metrics.

Email automation for certain profiles. You can create emails using this feature for particular profiles. As a result, you can programme a direct message to be sent when a famous customer comes into your shop.

Send emails about particular events. Let’s say you want to provide a discount on July 4th. You can start a fresh email and let Klaviyo take care of everything else.

Customers can access data-driven marketing from Klaviyo. If Klaviyo is integrated into your Shopify store, you can use these functionalities. It can take some time to put all of this into practise for your clients, but the work will be worthwhile.

As soon as Klaviyo and Shopify are connected, user engagement is possible. The integration operates as follows:

  • Store activity: Records consumer visits to your business and produces information on client interaction.
  • Views of products: Klaviyo keeps track of whenever a new client views a product. Customers who browsed your products but did not add them to their cart can then receive an email from you.

Using Klaviyo to Sync Your Shopify Email List

Although Klaviyo includes sign-up pages, we won’t be concentrating on them today. On the other hand, we’ll examine a step that’s essential for success when you link Klaviyo to your Shopify store. Connecting is not the end of the story.

We made a passing mention of adding current email addresses to the platform. Starting with that will get you going, but maintaining momentum will come from syncing your Shopify list with the platform. As a result, whenever a new subscriber registers for your store, your list will be updated.

Following are the methods to sync this data and stay up to date with each new subscriber:

On the Klaviyo platform, click your account name in the lower left-hand corner.

  • Then select “Integrations.”
  • To view your options, click “Enabled Integrations”.
  • To access the integration settings page, select “Shopify”.
  • Set the checkbox next to “Sync your Shopify email subscribers to Klaviyo.”
  • Select a list by opening the list settings.

If the choices are not appropriate for your needs, you can make a new list. Once you are on the sync page, the procedure is straightforward. Act as follows:

  • To access the drop-down menu, click “Audience”.
  • Then, choose “Lists and Segments.”
  • Make the choice “Create Lists/Segments.”
  • Choose lists.
  • Visit the Shopify integrations page once again.

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Important Advice for Your Workflow

Designing and putting in place an automation workflow are two different things from integrating Klaviyo into Shopify. To assist you maximise your integration, consider the following advice:

  • Every time a new user joins, schedule a welcome sequence automation to greet them. Make sure the new email is well-written to successfully communicate you and your brand.
  • Plan your website’s browse abandonment automation for visitors.
  • Send abandoned cart emails automatically.
  • For purchases, product views, website visits, etc., create thank-you letters. This will entice a new subscriber to visit your shop again.
  • The workflow might continue forever. The key component is developing emails with various objectives. After that, Klaviyo will keep an eye on the user information on your store and adjust the messages as necessary.



  • 1: If I integrate Klaviyo, would I lose control of my Shopify store?
  • Klaviyo integration leaves you in full control of your Shopify store. It is a solution for email and SMS marketing that will let you connect with consumers at various points in the sales process.
  • 2: Can I link Klaviyo to a Shopify trial version?
  • You won’t be able to use all of the integration capabilities and the installation won’t function. So it’s advisable to launch before installing.


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